Laika: This board is loosely  based on Laika, the first dog in space.

For Their Comfort: This is the first sequence in a story about a robot who gains sentience while working as a clerk at

a hotel front desk. 

The Pizza Zone: This is the most current version of the animatic for my senior film at SCAD, The Pizza Zone, which is still a work in progress. The password for this video: pepperoni

80s Action Flick: This is an excerpt from a set of boards done based on a cheesy, 80s-esque action flick script. For this, I focused on using shots to create both tension, and a little bit of comedy. In this story, the protagonist Diana is confronted with the 

villain, Leroy, who claimed her invention as his own. 

Moon Spirit: I created this board to tell the beginning of a story I'm considering expanding on. This story is about a reclusive, lonely astronaut meeting a frinedly, alien being who she eventually falls in love with.

Extraterrestrial Elementary: This storyboard is about an extraterrestrial kid in elementary school trying to fit in with earthlings. An animatic version of this board can be found here!